{stop motion}

Stop motion animation has fascinated me since I was a kid. I remember some of my favorite things to watch on TV were short stopmotion clips. The stories were super simple, usually with no words and I loved them. Unlike most comercialized cartoons these days, those had the beauty of being a trampolin for imagination.
I tried to find some of those short animations, but came to a dead end. If anyone remembers them or can find them, let me know :)
I love it because of the amount of patience and creativity one has to have to make something like this work.

P.S.: I'll try it properly one day... when I have a tripod. [day-dreaming mode]

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Rute Carla disse...

"Her morning elegance"- just perfect!
"Pedro e o lobo"- amo, amo, amo!!!!
Os outros foram uma agradável surpresa.

Quando fizeres algo parecido... conta aqui com a sis, sim?